We are honored to receive many awards over the years, including: Best Breakfast, Best Vegetarian/Vegan, Top Brunch Destination, Best Farm to Table, Best in Fayetteville, Dog Friendly Patio, Best Pancakes in Arkansas, Healthiest Restaurant

We are grateful for your love and support! 



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Our buying guidelines/cooking practices: 

  • We use only organic coconut oil, ghee, sunflower & olive oil in all our cooking. 
  • Local always and first. We work with small sustainable family farms to purchase all our meats, vegetables, fruits, grains & many added-value products. Since opening in 2014, we have supported over 100 different local farmers and producers and have invested over $750,000 into our local food economy.  
  • All of our meat is pastured raised and pasture finished. Animal Welfare Certified. Fed non-GMO feed. 
  • Organic/chemical-free produce and no GMO's 
  • Zero Waste Kitchen. We believe in minimal food waste and follow the Food Waste Hierarchy- donating edible leftovers to hunger relief, then sending inedible scraps to feed animals, and finally composting whatever is leftover. We have a food recovery plan for all catering events. Basically, we believe that food is not trash and we work hard to keep it out of the trashcan.
  • We have on-site gardens that we are continually building. We plan to have extensive herb and fruit collections as time and helping hands allow us to do. 
  • We are GREEN! We recycle and compost to create minimal waste. We use green cleaners where possible. Organic gardening practices. Recyclable take-out containers. Cloth napkins. Mindful purchasing practices.