The Real Cost of Food

Today we are launching our new spring menu! Many things stayed the same, some things changed. New menu items. And, can we say Strawberry Season!!??!! I love the fresh tastes of spring. Hope you'll enjoy our new salads and appetizers. 

One thing that didn't stay the same, for several menu items, is our prices. Unfortunately, our pork prices have increased significantly and we had to reflect a bit of that increase to our customers. Rob and I have three goals with the cafe: 

1) source the freshest, cleanest, best local ingredients possible

2) pay a fair price/living wage to the growers/food artisans

3) offer food to our community at an affordable price

We are walking the balance beam trying to attain these three goals----oh and to stay in business we might add! I've heard from MANY of you, "You've GOT to raise your prices! We want you to stay in business!" My goal was to have a menu with everything under $10. Well, it's not often (hahaha!) but I admit that I was wrong. Tail between my legs, some of our items, especially with the pork and local organic greens, just must cost more than $10. 

We received the news from our pork producer, who underwent a farm audit from an outside consultant, that he was losing money selling bacon and ham to us. So to keep his family farm profitable, we gladly took the price increase, and we hope you understand as well. We want to do farm tours, to show you exactly where our food is coming from. It's the real deal folks. And we are making a HUGE impact in our local food economy, creating community food security, increasing production, increasing farmers' incomes. This is all the good stuff. We MUST appreciate the real cost of food. The price of knowing that we are eating real food grown and harvested by our neighbors' hands and keeping the money in our community. We want to make it accessible to as many people as possible, and do our best to keep prices as low as feasible for a small family business. Thanks for helping us in this journey toward increased community resilience! 

Many thanks,