The Farmer's Table Cafe aims to support our local farmers and to provide our community with fresh, comfortable foods that are healthy for both our bodies and our local food economy.   The foods you grew up eating.   Meals that were grown right here in the Ozarks.   At The Farmer's Table, we bring ingredients straight from the farm to your table, providing options that are affordable, convenient and above all, delicious.  Owners Rob and Adrienne Shaunfield believe that by supporting our local producers--those who toil daily to provide our community food--we are creating a robust food system and a healthier community. We love exploring the tastes of the Ozarks and strive to create meals that make you feel good in an environment that feels like home.  Please join us at the Farmer's Table.

Thank you for your support,

Rob & Adrienne 


Our buying guidelines/cooking practices: 

  • We use only organic coconut oil, ghee, and olive oil in all our cooking. 
  • No GMO's whenever possible.
  • Local always and first. We work with small sustainable family farms to purchase all our meats, vegetables, & fruits.
  • All of our meat is pastured raised and pasture finished. Animal Welfare Certified. Fed non-GMO feed. 
  • Our eggs come from Farmer's Pride and are free range. Our flour and cornmeal come from War Eagle Mill in Rogers, AR. 
  • Organic/chemical-free produce
  • We believe in minimal food waste. Therefore we cook all the parts: all vegetable scraps are turned into stocks. Root vegetable tops are sautéed. All chicken carcasses are slow-cooked into bone broth. We compost on site, and also send egg shells and vegetable scraps home to build soil and feed chickens. In all catering, we have a food recovery plan to avoid food waste. Most often we deliver leftovers to the nearest food pantry or community meal., but we always ensure that all food is not wasted. 
  • We have on-site gardens that we are continually building to offer food to those walking past or hanging in our yard. We plan to have extensive herb and fruit collections as time and helping hands allow us to do. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We recycle and compost to create minimal waste. We use green cleaners where possible. Organic gardening practices. Recyclable take-out containers. Cloth napkins. Mindful purchasing practices.